In Memoriam

The OFDA staff extends its deepest sympathy and condolences to those who have lost a loved one, family member, or friend. Our thoughts and prayers are with each of you.

Online OFDA memoriams are limited to those within the membership and their immediate family members. They will remain online for two years from posting date.
Please email death notices to and include complete information, along with a contact name and telephone number. If a death notice has been published online, please include the link.
If you are notifying us of the death of an immediate family member, please state his/her relationship to the funeral director and affiliation to the funeral home.
Death notices will be considered for publication on the OFDA website, The Digital Director e-newsletter and membership email notification.


Obituary for Geraldine "Gerri" Shopp

Wife of Steve Shopp, Longtime Secretary of the Embalmers Association of Cleveland


Obituary for Norris "Pug" C. Cromes

Former Owner and Father of Retired Owner, Gary Cromes, both of Cromes Funeral Home


Obituary for Lawrence N. Previte

Father of Nicholas Previte, Vitantonio-Previte Funeral Home, and Grandfather of Anthony Previte, Orlando-Donsante-Previte Funeral Home


Obituary for Jeanne W. Babcock

Mother and Mother-in-Law of Mitch and Laurie Babcock, Owners of Davis-Babcock Funeral Home, Inc.


Obituary for Trudy Westbrock

Mother of Bryan “BJ” Westbrock, Funeral Director and Owner of Westbrock Funeral Homes


Obituary for Phyllis E. Curran

Mother-In-Law of Robert Mazzarella, Owner of American Coach Sales and American Limousine Service


Obituary for Lynn A. Sandrock

Funeral Director at Cox-McNulty Funeral Home


Obituary for Lawrence Bagnoli

Funeral Director, Former Co-Owner, Father-in-Law of Jim Donovan, and Grandfather of James Donovan, all of Donovan Family Funeral Homes & Cremation Services


Obituary for Jerry Jagers

Funeral Director and Father of Tim Jagers, Co-owners of Jagers & Sons Funeral Home


Obituary for Jeanne K. Hazel

Mother and Mother-in-Law of Brenda and Rick Snider; Grandmother of Abby Robinson, all of Baker-Hazel and Snider Funeral Home


Obituary for Betty J. Deitloff

Mother of Jon Deitloff, OFDA Past President, Tobias Funeral Home


Obituary for Edward C. Miller

Father-in-law of William Smith, Managing Funeral Director at John Quint Treboni Funeral Home


Obituary for Joyce A. Hicks

Mother-in-Law of Lori Hicks, OFDA Past President, Mueller Funeral Home


Obituary for Susan Lynne Schaich

Mother of Jordyn Lynne Schaich, Funeral Director at Penwell Turner Funeral Home


Obituary for Thomas “Tom” Jeffrey Benz

Licensed Funeral Director and Salesman at Bass-Mollett Funeral Supply


Obituary for John M. Ritondaro

Former Owner of The DeJohn Funeral Home & Crematory (formerly Ritondaro)


Obituary for Marie L. Birchfield

Mother of James C. Birchfield, Owner of Birchfield Funeral Home


Obituary for Joanne Brinkman

Wife of the late John Brinkman, former owner of Brinkman-Dress Funeral Home


Obituary for Mary Nicastro

Sister of Diana Greenspan, Golden Considerations


Obituary for William H. Shields

Retired Funeral Director and Former Owner of Shields Funeral Home


Obituary for Dr. Ronald J. Reber

Father of Pamela Reber Jones, Co-Owner of Dovin and Reber Jones Funeral & Cremation Center


Obituary for John J. Gluvna

Former Owner of Gluvna-Shimo-Hromada Funeral Chapel


Obituary for Richard E. Phillips

Retired Funeral Director of Vitt, Stermer & Anderson Funeral Home


Obituary for Jeanette Polley

Mother and Mother-in-Law of Susan Jones and Donald C. Jones, Retired Funeral Directors of Rutherford Corbin Funeral Home


Obituary for H. David Scott

Brother of Ralph F. Scott, II, Owner of Ralph F. Scott Funeral Home, Inc.


Obituary for Paul J. “PJ” Lamiell

Funeral Director and Owner of Lamiell Funeral Home


Obituary for Bruce C. Redmon

Retired Funeral Director and Founder, Father of Keith Redmon, both of Redmon Funeral Home, Inc.


Obituary for Donald Ray Warehime

Retired Funeral Director, Husband of Judy Warehime


Obituary for Jack Denver Davis

Retired Funeral Director, Brother of the late Roger W. Davis, OFDA Past President, and Uncle of R. Scott Davis, OFDA Past President and Owner of Roger W. Davis Funeral Home


Obituary for Marlene S. Bond

Funeral Director and Owner of Bond Funeral Home


Obituary for Kathryn "Kathy" Sue Thompson

Mother of Catie Thompson of Vorhis & Ryan Funeral Home


Obituary for Joseph "Joe" T. Jagers

Funeral Director, Brother of Jerry Jagers, and Uncle of Tim Jagers, all of Jagers & Sons Funeral Home


Obituary for Anthony W. Guerriero, Sr.

Retired Funeral Director/Owner, Husband of Rosemary, Father of Micheline and Terence Guerriero, all of Guerriero Funeral Home


Obituary for Elizabeth "Bette" Berry

Mother of Daniel Berry of Berry-McGreevey-Martens Funeral Home, Thomas Berry of McGorray-Hanna Funeral Homes, and Sean Berry, Trade Embalmer


Obituary for Judy (Sanders) Miller

Sister of Rebecca J. Krill and Sister-in-Law of J. Michael Krill, OFDA Past President, Former Co-Owners of Krill Funeral Service


Obituary for Holly Cornell Bassett

Mother-in-Law of Poul Lemasters, OFDA Member


Obituary for Kathleen Ann Hartman

Wife of E. Lynn Hartman, Owner of Hartman Sons Funeral Home


Obituary for Timothy John Wisniewski

Brother of Tom Wisniewski, Founder of Wisniewski Funeral Home


Obituary for Terrance Patrick Hennessy

Retired Funeral Director and Former Owner of Hennessy-Bagnoli Funeral Homes


Obituary for Maxine Sanders

Mother of Rebecca J. Krill and Mother-in-Law of J. Michael Krill, OFDA Past President, Former Co-Owners of Krill Funeral Service


Obituary for Paul A. Vensil

Brother and Brother-in-Law of Carl and Carolyn Vensil, Co-owners of Vensil & Chute Funeral Homes


Obituary for Myron Lee Van Horn

Funeral Director and OFDA Member


Obituary for Joseph Michael Nero

Funeral Director and Owner of Vito-Nero Funeral Home


Obituary for Brian L. Koch

Funeral Home Owner, Husband of Donna Koch and Father of Addison Roth, all of Conner & Koch Funeral Home; Son of Steve and Kathy Conner and Brother of Bradley Conner, all of Stubbs-Conner Funeral Home


Obituary for Mary Kathleen “Kay” McGorray

Mother of Mary Susan McGorray, Funeral Director at McGorray-Hanna Funeral Homes


Obituary for John H. "Jack" Evans, Sr.

Funeral Director and Owner, Husband of Charlotte Evans, Father of Charles and Andrew Evans, all of John H. Evans Funeral Home, Inc.


Obituary for Melinda Ann (Cisco) Keiser

Daughter of Robert L. Cisco and Sister of Robert N. Cisco, both of Cisco Funeral Home and Sister of Tammy Vernon and Sister-in-Law of David Vernon, both of Vernon Funeral Homes


Obituary for Sandra Santos

Retired Funeral Director and Former Owner of McGowan-Reid and Santos Funeral Home


Obituary for John Frederick Kummer

Retired Funeral Director and Former Partner and Co-Owner of Warrick-Kummer-Rettig Funeral Home


Obituary for Roger D. Glass

Retired Funeral Director and Former Co-Owner of Fawcett Oliver Glass and Palmer Funeral Home


Obituary for Betty J. Hollingshead

Retired Funeral Director and OFDA Member


Obituary for Marjorie L. Dunbar

Mother of Richard Dunbar, Former Owner of Richards, Raff and Dunbar Memorial Home


Obituary for Don L. Hupp

Father-in-Law of Ty J. Dierkes and Grandfather of Cody D. Dierkes, both of Bolin-Dierkes Funeral Home


Obituary for Phyllis Ann (Grisier) Reed

Sister of Frederick Grisier of Grisier Funeral Home


Obituary for David W. Ward

Brother of OFDA Member, Kevin Gaffney and Brother Shaun Gaffney, both of FDL


Obituary for Craig F. Hoffman

Retired Funeral Director and Previous Co-Owner of Mast-Mock-Hoffman Funeral Home, Inc.


Obituary for B. Jack Williams

Retired Funeral Director, Father of Sherri L. Morgan and Father-in-Law of Mark A. Morgan, both of Morgan Funeral Home


Obituary for Joseph J. Coyle

President, and Father of Megan M. Coyle, both of Coyle Funeral Home and Cremation Services


Obituary for Diane J. Kyle

Mother of David J. Kyle, Mother-in-Law of Janice L. Kyle, and Grandmother of Benjamin A. Kyle, all of Stewart-Kyle Funeral Home


Obituary for Glen A. Jenkins

Father of Keith Jenkins, Grandfather of Andrew Jenkins, and Founder of Jenkins Funeral Chapel


Obituary for Thomas A. Tilton

Retired Funeral Director and Former Owner of Greenisen & Tilton Funeral Homes


Obituary for Laura Mae “Lollie” Goslin

Mother-in-Law of Kenneth A. Cahall, OFDA and NFDA Past President, and Grandmother of Clayton A. Cahall, both of Cahall Funeral Homes, Inc.


Obituary for Nicholas A. Hogenkamp

Former President, Father of Nicholas C. Hogenkamp and Brother of B. Jay Hogenkamp, all of N.J. Hogenkamp Sons, Inc.


Obituary for Shirley Ann Smith

Grandmother of Michael T. Smith, OFDA President and Funeral Director at Snyder Funeral Homes


Obituary for Richard J. Diehl

President/CEO and Father of Ingrid Ragland, both of Diehl-Whittaker Funeral Service


Obituary for Gale Shinaberry

Father of Diana Greenspan, Golden Considerations


Obituary for Thomas E. Miller

Retired Funeral Director/Embalmer, Former Manager, and Father of Susan Dill, both of Snyder Funeral Homes


Obituary for George C. Martin

Retired Funeral Director and Owner of the Former George C. Martin Funeral Home


Obituary for Wilma Ann Boyer

Former Owner and Funeral Director, Wife of David A. Boyer, Mother and Mother-in-Law of Gregory D. and Kristen Boyer, all of Boyer Funeral Home


Obituary for Michael David Wilson

Father of Katy M. Wilson-Clark, Funeral Director at Cox-NcNulty Funeral Homes


Obituary for Virginia "Ginny/Jean" Fortuna

Mother of John J. Fortuna and Mary Ann Fortuna-Trzaska, Mother in-law of James R. Trzaska, Grandmother of Joseph A. Fortuna, all of Fortuna Funeral Home, Inc.


Obituary for Larry Dean Eveland

Father of Kyle A. Eveland, Funeral Director at Goebel Funeral Home & Cremation Services


Obituary for Steven Michael Mack

Retired Funeral Director of Alspach-Gearhart Funeral Home


Obituary for Marla Ann Richardson

Wife of Barry A. Richardson, Retired Funeral Director and OFDA Member


Obituary for Alice M. Ferfolia

Mother of Donald B. Ferfolia, Sr., Mary A. Ferfolia Lansky, Grandmother of Donald B. Ferfolia, Jr., all of Ferfolia Funeral Home


Obituary for Brian Reese Gillespie

Advance Planning Coordinator at Eichholtz Daring & Sanford Funeral Homes


Obituary for Gene A. Kleve

Husband of Patricia C. Vales Kleve, Retired Funeral Director and OFDA member


Obituary for Shirley Ann Moore Althoff

Vice President and Co-Owner, Sister of James V. Moore, both of Schlientz and Moore Funeral Homes


Obituary for John Bamber

Former Owner of Bamber Funeral Home and Retired Funeral Director at Tufts Schildmeyer Family Funeral Homes


Obituary for John "Jim" Corrigan, Jr.

Co-Owner of Corrigan Laumer Funeral Home in Fairview Park


Obituary for Philip Kent Berkheimer

Father of Kent Berkheimer, Funeral Director at Busch Funeral and Crematory Services


Obituary for August K. "Chip" Graumlich, III

Brother of Andrea Graumlich, Leigh Graumlich, and Jeffrey Graumlich, all of Graumlich Funeral Home


Obituary for Anthony DiCicco Sr.

Father of Anthony Jr. and Nicholas (Nick) DiCicco, Funeral Directors at DiCicco & Sons Funeral Home


Obituary for Carol J. Potti

Wife of Robert M. Potti, Funeral Director Emeritus at Potti & Marc F. Burr Funeral Homes


Obituary for William R. "Bill" Chester

Office Manager at Grisier Funeral Homes


Obituary for Benjamin R. Easterling Jr.

OFDA Past President and Former Owner of Swigart-Easterling Funeral Home


Obituary for Darlene Ruth Kuhn

Wife of John Kuhn, Funeral Director and Retired Manager at Johnson-Romito Funeral Home


Obituary for Randon Lee Short

Owner of Short Funeral Home


Obituary for Timothy James Stevenhagen

Funeral Director at Swigart-Easterling Funeral Home


Obituary for Kendra L. Shafer

Sister of Joshua L. Majors, Funeral Director at Richards, Raff & Dunbar Memorial Home and Trostel, Chapman, Dunbar & Fraley Funeral Home


Obituary for Myrl Daniel Sauder

Owner of Sauder Funeral Products


Obituary for Lynwood L. Battle

Funeral Director and Brother of J.C. Battle, III, both of J.C. Battle & Sons Funeral Home


Obituary for Edward Timothy “Tim” O’Neill

Funeral Director and OFDA Member


Obituary for Thomas Charles “Charlie” Brickner

Funeral Director, Co-Owner, Brother of James C. Brickner, Father to Sarah Brickner, all of Brickner Funeral Home


Obituary for James Brian “Hoss” Hoskins

Son of Jim Hoskins and Brother of Jennifer Hoskins-Long, Former and Current Owner of Hoskins Funeral Homes


Obituary for Marilyn Tufts Schildmeyer

Mother of Lawrence T. and Terry Schildmeyer and Grandmother of Larry and Terrence Schildmeyer, all of Tufts Schildmeyer Funeral Home


Obituary for Theodore Chapman

Co-founder of Trostel, Chapman, Dunbar & Fraley Funeral Home


Obituary for T. Paul Evans, M.D.

Father of Colin Evans, OFDA Assistant Executive Director


Obituary for Edward J. "Ed" Dobrozsi

Father of Evan Dobrozsi, Funeral Director at Wilson-Schramm-Spaulding Funeral Home


Obituary for John White Croxton

Funeral Director, Owner and Father of John W. Croxton II, both of T.P. White & Sons Funeral Home


Obituary for James Edward “Jim” McWilliams

Father of Tom McWilliams, Owner of McWilliams Funeral Home in Wellston


Obituary for Lynn A. Linsley

Wife of Roger E. Linsley, Former Owner of the Linsley-Royal Funeral Home


Obituary for Mary Diane Gutu

Sister of David Hicks, Secretary of the Ohio Embalmers Association


Obituary for Wallace "Wally" D. Lewellyn

Retired Funeral Director of Schoedinger Funeral Home and Cremation Service


Obituary for Herbert "Herb" Moore

Funeral Director and Owner, Husband of Jean Moore and Father of Joe and Jared Moore, all of McCoy-Moore Funeral Homes


Obituary for John Wellington

Father of Rocco “Rocky” Wellington, Owner of Wellington Funeral Service and Funeral Director at F.D. Mason Funeral Home


Obituary for Robert Clayton Carter

OFDA Past President, Owner of Robert C. Carter Funeral Services and Funeral Director at John Quint Treboni Funeral Home


Obituary for Cleeland R. Willis

Funeral Director and Former Owner, Father and Father-In-Law of Matthew R. and Letty Willis and Father-In-Law of Kent M. Shawver, all of Willis Funeral Home


Obituary for David F. McFarland

Retired Funeral Director and Former Owner of the McFarland & Son Funeral Services Company


Obituary for Robert Joseph Traunero

Father and Father-in-Law of Richard and Andrea Traunero, Owners of Traunero Funeral Home and Crematory


Obituary for Eugene Lawrence Schaich

Grandfather of Jordyn L. Schaich, Funeral Director at Penwell Turner Funeral Home