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Obituary for Lynn A. Sandrock

Funeral Director at Cox-McNulty Funeral Home

Lynn A. Sandrock, embalmer, funeral director and repairman of embalming machines passed peacefully on February 3, 2023. He celebrated a welcome home from his Father. For more than 50 years, he faithfully and lovingly and with expertise and a wealth of knowledge served hundreds of families.

Thank you from his wife Betty and family for being part of his journey.

His words are these:

“On the gravestone is a ‘dash’ between the birth year and the death year. It is indicative of an abundance of things done in our earthly lives. For me, it includes hundreds of families I served when their pain was the deepest. I recognize and honor the Master Embalmer, God, who guided my hands carefully and my heart, as I worked to help others celebrate the life of their loved one.” - Lynn Sandrock

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