In Memoriam


Obituary for Marilyn Sue Tobias

Sister-in-law to OFDA Past Presidents David Tobias and Dan Tobias, CFSP


Obituary for Robert P. Heitger, Sr.

Funeral Director, father and father-in-law of Jeffrey W. Heitger Sr. and Cathi Heitger, all of Heitger Funeral Home


Obituary for James Leonard Hoskins

Father of Jim Hoskins and Grandfather of Jennifer-Hoskins Long, Funeral Directors at Hoskins Funeral Homes


Obituary for Terrence R. VanSuch

Funeral Director at Arnold Funeral Home


Obituary for Stephen A. Kertesz

Retired Funeral Director of Kucko-Anthony-Kertesz Funeral Home


Obituary for Loraine C. Hicks

Mother of David G. Hicks, Sales Representative for the Pierce Chemical Co. and Secretary of the Ohio Embalmers Association


Obituary for Rosa Lee Emerson Newkirk

Retired Funeral Director at Hoskinson Funeral and Cremation Service, formerly known as Emerson-Newkirk


Obituary for Mary Lavelle Hanna

Wife of Gil Hanna and Mother of John Hanna and Jamie Hanna, Funeral Directors at McGorray-Hanna Funeral Homes


Obituary for Robert L. Gillman

Retired Funeral Director, Former Owner of Auble-Gillman Funeral Home and Father of Kelly Gillman Thomas, Auble-Gillman Funeral Home


Obituary for David R. Courtley

Funeral Director and President of Shriver-Allison-Courtley-Weller-King Funeral Home


Obituary for Brian Berry

Brother to Daniel Jr., Partner at Berry-McGreevey Funeral Home; Thomas, Funeral Director at McGorray-Hanna Funeral Homes and Sean, Trade Embalmer


Obituary for Jacqueline "Jackie" Ann Underwood

Mother and mother-in-law to Scott and Holly Underwood, Funeral Directors and Owners of Underwood Funeral Home


Obituary for Armand J. Nero Jr.

Brother of Joseph Nero, Owner of Vito-Nero Funeral Home


Notice of Death for Jacqueline "Jackie" Ann Underwood

Mother and mother-in-law to Scott and Holly Underwood, Funeral Directors and Owners of Underwood Funeral Home


Obituary for Michael D. Canzone

Retired employee of Superior and founder of the Advertising Sales Company


Obituary for John Hicks

Father-in-Law of Lori Hicks, OFDA President-Elect and Funeral Director at Mueller Funeral Home


Obituary for Rachael N. Anderson

Apprentice at Shaw-Davis Funeral Homes


Obituary for Donald R. Wolfe, Sr.

Retired Funeral Director and Former Owner of Wolfe Nelson Funeral Home


Obituary for James A. Dimel

Father and father-in-law of Michael and Mandee Williams, Owners of R.M. Williams Funeral Service


Obituary for Joseph R. "Joe" Ryan

Father of Mike Ryan, Retired Clark Grave Vault Sales Representative


Obituary for Patricia "Pat" Verdone

Wife of John A. Verdone, Retired Funeral Director and OFDA Member


Obituary for Paul F. Hornback

Funeral Director and Owner of Botkin Hornback Funeral Home


Obituary for Shirly Ann (Rinkliff) Palmer McCalla

Mother of OFDA Past President Terry L. Palmer, CFSP and Grandmother of Jonathan E. Palmer, Funeral Directors at Fawcett Oliver Glass and Palmer Funeral Home


Obituary for Joseph R. "Jay" Green

Retired Funeral Director of Criss Wagner Hoskinson Funeral Home


Obituary for James Flynn Mylott

Past President of OFDA


Obituary for Joseph A. Jones

Son-in-law of John M. Busch and brother-in-law to Mark and Jim Busch, all of Busch Funeral Homes


Obituary for Dr. Jason E. Meiring

Brother of Laura Dempsey, OFDA Member Services Coordinator


Obituary for Homer O. "Dutch" Daye

Retired employee of Richards, Raff & Dunbar Memorial Home


Obituary for James Lee Schermesser

Retired Funeral Director and Brother of John Schermesser, Owner of Schermesser Funeral Home


Notice of Death of James F. Mylott

Past President of OFDA


Obituary for William Burroughs Jones, Jr.

Father in Law of Pamela Reber Jones and Father of Bill Jones, Dovin and Reber Jones Funeral & Cremation Center


Obituary for Jack A. Mitchener

Retired Sales Rep of Messenger Corporation, Uncle of Todd Ely, Sales Rep of Messenger Corporation


Obituary for Joe Hibler

Retired Funeral Director in Cleveland, Ohio


Obituary for John C. Andrade

Funeral Director and Owner of Nickels Andrade Funeral Home


Obituary for Charles D. "Chuck" Siferd

Retired Funeral Director and Former Owner of Siferd-Orians Funeral Home


Obituary for Clinton Howard Garver

Husband of Barbara Lantzer Garver, Funeral Director and Owner of Lantzer Funeral Home


Obituary for Elizabeth "Betty" Helen Hempel

Wife of William Hempel, Funeral Director and Owner of Hempel Funeral Home


Obituary for Jean Parker

Former Co-Owner of Parker & Sons Funeral Homes and Mother of Funeral Director, Bill Parker


Obituary for David "Ned" E. Hillis

Retired Funeral Director and Former Co-owner of Hillis, Combs & Nestor Funeral Home and Brother of Funeral Director, Jim Hillis


Obituary for Mary Magdalene Turel

Retired OFDA Member


Obituary for Joan Mary Bollenbacher

Mother of Brian James, Funeral Director at Fisher-Edgington Funeral Home


Obituary for Roy W. Blackburn

Funeral Director and Owner of Blackburn Funeral Homes


Obituary for Harlan F. Saxton

Retired Funeral Director and Former Co-owner of Saxton Funeral Home


Obituary for Shelly Ray Amburgey

Father of Jay Amburgey, OFDA Member


Obituary for Sharon Stiffler

Wife of Frederick L. Stiffler, Funeral Director/Embalmer of Mayhew-Brown Funeral Home


Obituary for Cynthia Eileen Danielson

Wife of John Danielson, Funeral Director with Burrell Funeral Services


Obituary for Herbert Walker, Jr.

Father of Herbert T. Walker, III, Funeral Director and Owner of Walker Funeral Homes


Obituary for Louise Ann Zabjek

Mother-in-law of Edward A. Kubu, Retired Funeral Director and OFDA Member


Obituary for Larry L. Heitkamp

Funeral Director with N.J. Hogenkamp Sons, Inc.


Obituary for Dr. Frances T. Ugis Feerick

Mother-in-law of Ty J. Dierkes, Funeral Director and Owner of Bolin-Dierkes Funeral Home


Obituary for Joe Gary Dierkes

Father of Ty J. Dierkes, Funeral Director and Owner of Bolin-Dierkes Funeral Home


Obituary for Lou Schroder

Brother and Brother-in-Law to Anne and Scott Gilligan, OFDA Legal Counsel


Obituary for Bernice Roesnner

Mother of Mike Roessner, Funeral Director and Owner of Lawson-Roessner Funeral Home


Obituary for Charles M. Scott, Sr.

Funeral Director and Owner of Bersticker-Scott Funeral Home, Father of Charles Scott Jr. and Robert Scott, Funeral Directors of Bersticker-Scott Funeral Home


Obituary for William L. "Bill" Shorts Sr.

Retired Funeral Director and Founder of Shorts Funeral Home


Obituary for Barbara L. Dierkes Rush

Retired Funeral Director and Co-owner of Rush Funeral Homes, Inc.


Obituary for Kent Massie

Kent is the husband of Mary Carr Massie, Manager of McColaugh Funeral Home, Inc. Xenia.


Obituary for Helen Hoskinson

Grandmother of Rick Hoskinson, District #13 President


Obituary for Sara Jo Heslop

Wife of Wilbur Heslop, Vice-President, and Mother of Greg Heslop, President, of Heslop Funeral Home


Obituary for John "Jack" Watkins

Father of John Watkins II, co-owner of Reeb Funeral Home


Obituary for Ronald C. "Rod" Watters

Father of Bruce Watters, Watters Funeral Home


Obituary for Marjean S. McColaugh

Mother and Mother-in-Law of Roger D. "Rock" and Virginia McColaugh, Owners of McColaugh Funeral Home


Robert Harold Liles

March 22, 2009

Mr. Liles was the father of funeral director and embalmer Gary Liles of the Chas A Miller Sons Funeral Service, Cincinnati.


Robert J. Badstibner

March 2009

Bob was a retired Funeral Director / Embalmer for Brunner Funeral Home & Cremation Service in Mentor.


Eleanor Ann Neeld

March 17, 2009

She was a licensed funeral director with Neeld Funeral Home, Inc. for the past 20 years, and worked with her husband, Thomas R. Neeld, and son, Michael T. Neeld, in their 5th generation family business.


Timothy R. Kyle

March 12, 2009

Tim was a third generation funeral director and embalmer; co-owner and Vice President of Stewart-Kyle Funeral Home for many years; and was Vice President of Western Reserve Leasing Livery Company for over 10 years, which provides specialty funeral vehicles to funeral homes in Northeastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.


Jack Edward Lewis

March 3, 2009

Mr. Lewis was the husband of Patricia Fischer Lewis, owner of the Fischer Funeral Homes in Warsaw and Danville.


Richard D. Geib

February 20, 2009

Rich joined his father, Carl Geib, grandfather, Jacob Geib, and associate, Alfred Hert, in the operation of the Linn-Hert Company, which at the time included a funeral home, an ambulance service, and a large furniture store in the center of downtown New Philadelphia.


Larry Sheridan

February 27, 2009

Larry finally settled down in 1985 at the Boring-Sheridan Funeral Homes with original locations in Baltimore, Bremen, Hebron, and Thornville where he served as the owner for nearly 25 years.


Harry R. Nethers

February 7, 2009

Mr. Nethers was a prominent funeral director and owner of Nethers-Hedricks Funeral Homes in Dayton, Ohio.


Ethel M. Piatt

January 24, 2009

Ethel was the grandmother of Bruce Watters of the Watters Funeral Home, Woodsfield and Brubach-Watters Funeral Home, Summerfield, Ohio.


Richard Hyll

January 22, 2009

Richard and his wife Julia, also a licensed Embalmer and Funeral Director, moved to the U.S. Virgin Islands where they started and ran the Richard Hyll Funeral Service and Flower Shop until 1989 when he retired from the Funeral Service.


William B. "Bill" Cotner

January 17, 2009

Bill was the owner of the Cotner Funeral Home in Reynoldsburg serving families for many years.


Ralph T. Simpson

January 7, 2009

Mr. Simpson was the father-in-law of funeral director, Benjamin White Jr. of C.D. White & Son Funeral Home, Columbus.


Cyril E. Brockman

January 5, 2009

Mr. Brockman was the owner-operator of Brockman Funeral Home and Brockman Furniture Dealers, Fort Recovery.


James R. Burr

January 1, 2009

Mr. Burr was the father of funeral director Gary Burr, Burr Funeral Homes, Inc., Bryan, Ohio.


Louis Joseph Lauricella, Jr.

December 22, 2008

Louis started working at Tobias Funeral Home in April of 1979 where he worked loyally until his death.


Marilyn A. Monreal

December 2008

Marilyn A. Monreal was associated with the Jack Monreal Funeral Home, Willowick.


Jean Clott Schroder

December 19, 2008

Jean Clott Schroder was the mother of Anne Gilligan, wife of OFDA Legal Counsel, Scott Gilligan.


Joseph W. Shields

December 6, 2008

Mr. Shields founded Shields Funeral Home, Forest, Ohio in 1935.


William J. Mraz

October 16, 2008

Mr. Mraz was the father of Ellen Rettig and father-in-law of OFDA Past President Jon Rettig.


Lillian M. Davis, CFSP

October 12, 2008

Lillian was the widow of Past President Roger W. Davis and mother of Past President R. Scott Davis. She was one of the first female funeral directors to receive the distinguished honor of Certified Funeral Service Practitioner (CFSP).


Edward J. "Ted" Linsley

October 7, 2008

He assumed management of the former Oliver Funeral Home and in 1963 purchased the firm, eventually forming a partnership with his son, Roger, until his retirement in 1991.


Helen E. Waite

October 6, 2008

Mrs. Waite was the mother of Robert N. (Frances) Waite of Concord, Brian C. (Jane) Waite of Spear-Mulqueeny Funeral Home in Painesville and Deborah E. (Ford) Behm of the Behm Family Funeral Home in Geneva.


Herschel Alton Grim

September 22, 2008

Mr. Grim spent over twenty-five years in funeral service and was employed at Gilbert Funeral Home in Ashland; Lenhert Funeral Home in Jefferson; Finefrock Funeral Services in Mansfield and Snyder Funeral Homes of Mansfield and Bellville. He retired from funeral service in 2006.


Armond V. Rossi

September 6, 2008

Mr. Rossi followed in the family business to continue the tradition and legacy with his brother Louis Rossi Jr. as a funeral director and embalmer with the Rossi Bros. Funeral Home up until 2007.


Justine Cora (Ocker) Hathaway

September 3, 2008

Mrs. Hathaway was the mother of Becky Boucher, former owner and funeral director of Girton-Schmidt-Boucher Funeral Home, Eaton, Ohio.


Notification of Death - Dr. George J. Pucak

August 24, 2008

Dr. Pucak was the brother of OFDA Past President and funeral director, Don Pucak of Schlup-Pucak Funeral Home, Akron.


William Theodore Dalrymple

August 25, 2008

Bill was a valued part-time associate with Davidson-Becker Funeral Home, Struthers.


Frances LeClare Burr (nee: Hoch)

August 22, 2008

Frances assisted her husband, Hal Marcus Burr at the Burr Funeral Home in Chardon, for many years, until his retirement.


Larry A. Baltzell

August 17, 2008

Larry was the father of Scott Baltzell, OFDA District #2 President and funeral director with Wappner Funeral Directors, Mansfield.


Cheryll Ann Hopko Maulorico

August 16, 2008

Cheryll was owner of Hopko Funeral Home, Parma, Ohio.


C. Lucille (Stevens) Flory

August 14, 2008

Mrs. Flory was the mother of Dr. Dan Flory, former President of the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science.


Jay Herbert Moore

July 30, 2008

Jay was a third generation Embalmer/Funeral Director in the family owned and operated McCoy-Moore Funeral Homes, Inc., Gallipolis and Vinton.


Rosaria M. "Roro," "Rose" Santucci

July 26, 2008

Roro was OFDA District #15 President and funeral director Chelsey Santucci's grandmother and the sister of Mary D. Rossi.


Diane Killingsworth

July 22, 2008

Diane was the wife of Bob Killingsworth, J. Stuart Todd Inc., architect and designer for the OFDA office building.


Mary "Petie" Smith

July 21, 2008

Mrs. Smith was a V.P. of the Frank E. Smith Funeral Home, Inc, Lancaster.


Joseph L. Blaschalk

July 21, 2008

Mr. Blaschalk was the owner of Blaschalk Funeral Home in Mingo Junction since 1964 and was a licensed funeral director and embalmer for 60 years.


Joseph C. Abele

July 20, 2008

Joe was the owner of the Abele Funeral Home at 1910 Cherry Street, Toledo.


Robert Sherman Schoedinger

July 18, 2008

Mr. Schoedinger was the Chairman Emeritus of Schoedinger Funeral Service.


Martha Ann "Marty" Routsong (Cruea)

July 12, 2008

Marty was co-owner of the Routsong Funeral Home and one of the first women funeral directors in Dayton.


Sam E. Maham

July 5, 2008

Mr. Maham was the father of Steve Maham of the Maham Funeral Home, Williamsburg, Ohio.


E. Lee Rogers

June 30, 2008

After working at many local funeral homes in the area, Lee and his wife Vanice (Wenger) founded the Rogers' Funeral Home, Inc. in Trotwood in 1959 and later, with his son, purchased the Holp Funeral Home in New Lebanon in 1977.


Charles William "Bill" Sibley

June 28, 2008

Bill, the father of Andrea and father in-law of Jay Cremeens, worked with them in the Cremeens Funeral Homes in Gallipolis and Racine for the past 22 years.


Wayne W. Arnold

June 26, 2008

Mr. Arnold graduated from the former Cleveland College of Embalming and joined his father in the business that he founded, the C.L. Arnold Funeral Home, later becoming the Arnold-Lynch Funeral Home. He was a licensed funeral director and embalmer for 68 years.


D. Kathleen Reed

June 24, 2008

In 1997, Kathleen became a licensed funeral director and worked with her family at Reed-Egan Funeral Home, Newark.


Scott A. Kacirek Sr.

June 2008

Scott was the brother of Mark Kacirek of the Kacirek Funeral Home, North Olmsted.


Don A. Finefrock

June 14, 2008

In 1948 Don joined his family's funeral home business: J.H. Finefrock & Sons, originally located on Fourth Street, Mansfield. Along with his father and brother, John H. Finefrock, Jr., he moved the business to the corner of Marion Avenue and Maple Street.


Nathan D. Davidson

June 4, 2008

Nate was a grandson of Dick and Marilyn Tobias; nephew and cousin to the Tobias Family, Tobias Funeral Home, Beavercreek, Ohio.


Harold B. Kreitzer

June 4, 2008

Harold was active in the funeral business since 1939 and bought the Kreitzer Funeral Home, Arcanum, in 1950.


Connie Schroder

May 23, 2008

Connie Schroder was the sister of OFDA legal counsel Scott Gilligan's wife Anne Gilligan.


Robert Ingram Richards

May 18, 2008

Mr. Richards was a licensed Funeral Director/Embalmer in Ohio and Florida.


Dorothy W. Parker

May 9, 2008

Dorothy was the beloved wife of Richard L. Parker, funeral director of the Mueller Parker Funeral Home, Mason, Ohio.


Lloyd T. Vandervoort

May 8, 2008

In 1965 Lloyd joined the Higgins Funeral Home in Austintown, along with his duties as a funeral director and embalmer he served as its secretary-treasurer. He retired from full-time duties in 1988 but he, with the assistance of his wife, remained a loyal member of the staff until the time of his illness just over a week ago.


Donald E. Homer

May 3, 2008

Mr. Homer was the father of Chris Homer, a funeral director with Waugh-Halley-Wood Funeral Home in Gallipolis.


Vernon James "Butch" Rush

April 30, 2008

Vern was a long time OFDA Convention Committee member. He was the President, owner and director of the Rush Funeral Homes, Inc. of Clarington and Sardis, OH from the time of his graduation from mortuary school in 1968 until his retirement in 2002.


Richard F. Middleton

April 28, 2008

Richard moved to Ohio in 1975 and took a position with Champion Chemical providing embalming chemicals and supplies for funeral homes all over Ohio and surrounding states, retiring in 1998.


Theodore V. Bell

April 26, 2008

Mr. Bell retired from the Bowman Funeral Chapel, Dayton as a funeral director.


Glenn Shaul

April 25, 2008

Glenn was the brother of Duane Shaul, general manager at Schoedinger Funeral & Cremation Service in Columbus, a former OFDA District 14 president and is active on several OFDA committees.


Jack Srofe

April 1, 2008

Mr. Srofe became a funeral director in 1941 and retired after 30 years at the Weil Funeral Home in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Norman P. Crowe

April 12, 2008

Norman P. Crowe was the father of funeral director Tracy Crowe of the Staley-Crowe Funeral Home, Cincinnati.


Joan V. Reardon

April 14, 2008

Mrs. Joan V. Reardon was the mother of OFDA Secretary, Terry Reardon.


William D. Given

April 9, 2008

Bill joined the Glass Funeral Home in 1963 and purchased it in 1969, renaming it Given Funeral Home.


David A. Deeter

March 28, 2008

Following graduation from CCMS, David briefly joined his father in the family business, the former Deeter Funeral Home in Troy.


William E. "Bill" Ourant

March 29, 2008

In December, 1948, Bill, as a licensed funeral director and embalmer, settled in Newcomerstown and became the founder, owner, and operator of the Ourant Funeral Home. He purchased the residence of independent contractor W. M. Brode at 407 East Canal St. and moved the business to this location in 1950. Along with funeral director and colleague W. Robert Parks, the funeral home also operated one of the two ambulance services in Newcomerstown for many years.


Richard J. "Dick" Herzig

March 28, 2008

Dick joined his father-in-law, John W. Toland, in 1949 as a partner in the operation of the Toland-Herzig Funeral Homes. The business was established by Toland in 1929. For many years, Toland-Herzig also operated the ambulance service in Dover prior to the Dover Fire Department establishing a service.


Bernice A. Crispin

March 27, 2008

Mrs. Crispin was the mother of Major Crispin, of the Rutherford Funeral Homes and Crematories, Powell.


Michael Mallchok, Sr.

March 22, 2008

Mr. Mallchok was the owner of the Mallchok Funeral Home in Parma since 1961.


Rita Frances Boehmer

March 8, 2008

Mrs. Boehmer was the mother of OFDA member and funeral director, Albert L. Boehmer, III, Cincinnati.


William W. Hollingshead

February 27, 2008

William "Bill" W. Hollingshead was a longtime owner of the Hollingshead Funeral Home, West Unity, Ohio.


Janet Sue Egbert

March 3, 2008

Mrs. Egbert was the mother of Jeffrey L. Egbert of Egbert Funeral Home, Mt. Orab, Ohio.


Rose E. Donlon


Mrs. Donlon was the wife of William T. and mother of Sally Donlon Armstrong (Timothy), of the Donlon Funeral Home, Cleveland.


Warren F. Moeller

February 28, 2008

Warren became the owner of the Kramer-Moeller Funeral Home and the Moeller Home Furnishings, Inc. and retired in 1986.


Lois Traunero

March 1, 2008

Lois Traunero, 83, was the mother of member Richard J. Traunero, President of Traunero Funeral Home, Tiffin, Ohio.


Dale G. Wilson

February 24, 2008

Dale was active in funeral service for sixty years until his death.


Notification of Death - Hoyt Patman Mayes

February 14, 2008

Pat Mayes had two distinctive and different careers. He and his father came to Norman in January 1956 when they acquired a long established funeral establishment known as the Meyer & Meyer Funeral Home. The firm later became known as Mayes Funeral Directors and was relocated on Alameda Street. Mayes purchased the Guardian Funeral Homes in Oklahoma City in 1981 and later operated in nine locations within the state. The funeral homes were sold to a public company in 1989.

While engaged in funeral service Mayes was the past president of the Oklahoma Funeral Directors Association and President of the National Funeral Directors Association.


Notification of Death - John B. Hutchins

February 16, 2008

John, a past president of NFDA, served 55 years in funeral service. In 1958, he joined the family funeral home in Kendallville. In 1973, John purchased the Williams Funeral Home in Wolcottville. As a fifth generation funeral director, he celebrated 125 years of his family's service to the community in 1985. The funeral homes were sold in 1989, with all personnel remaining, including John. In 2006, the funeral homes were sold back to longtime employees Kathy and Pat Young.


Charles D. Scott

February 16, 2008

Mr. Scott was a funeral director and was the former owner and operator of the Scott Funeral Home.


Notification of Death - C. Robert Kelley

February 13, 2008

Mr. Kelley owned the Kelley and Son Funeral Home in Hubbard for 30 years retiring in 1989.


Kay E. (Dowds) Wiggins

January 31, 2008

Kay became a licensed funeral director with the state of Ohio in 1969 and she and her husband Paul joined her father's funeral business the Dowds-Wiggins Funeral Home that they managed for 20 years.


Charles Douglas Cunningham

January 17, 2008

Mr. Cunningham was the brother of Ann Cunningham, Executive Director of the State Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors of Ohio.


Robert J. Chute

January 6, 2008

Mr. Chute was the father of OFDA member David K. Chute, and grandfather of OFDA member Bradley J. Chute, both of Vensil-Orr & Chute Funeral Homes in Newark.


John W. "Bill" Stirling

December 31, 2007

Bill owned and operated the Sharer-Stirling Funeral Home from 1968 until 1986, when he sold the funeral home to Dan Skivolocke.


Robert Eugene Fike

December 26, 2007

Bob was 1949 graduate of Cincinnati School of Embalming and a member of Districts 1 and 7 of Ohio Funeral Director Association for over 50 years.


Notification of Death - James Erhardt

December 19, 2007

James Erhardt was a longtime associate for the Dalbert, Woodruff and Isenogle Funeral Home, Cincinnati. He was an invaluable help to the funeral home since the 1960's and a mentor to countless students of CCMS.


Notification of Death - Chelsey Laine Grisier

December 18, 2007

Chelsey was the daughter of Todd and Sabrina Grisier, Grisier Funeral Home, Archbold.


Notification of Death - Robert F. (Bob) "Bud Welsh

December 11, 2007

Bob worked as a Funeral Director for his father at the Welsh Hood Funeral Home and later purchased the funeral home which became Robert F. Welsh Funeral Home. He worked for various other funeral homes in the area for 40 years, retiring from Witzler Shank Funeral Home in 2001.


Notification of Death - Mollie Murphy

December 2007

Mrs. Murphy was the mother of David and James, funeral directors with Schulte-Mahon-Murphy, Lyndhurst.


Notification of Death - Don E. Clevenger

December 11, 2007

Mr. Clevenger was a funeral director and embalmer, Vice President and partner with the Mast-Mock-Hoffman-Hanenkrath-Clevenger-Schaffer Funeral Home, Defiance.


Notification of Death - Alma McCoy Kirkland

November 7, 2007

Mrs. Kirkland was the mother of funeral director, Jonathan Kirkland, Clark-Kirkland Funeral Home, Cadiz.


Virginia Cauble Aaron

October 22, 2007

Virginia Cauble Aaron was the mother of NFDA Past President, Bill Aaron.


Beula M. Peoples

October 20, 2007

Beula, along with husband, Bob, owned and operated Peoples Furniture and Peoples Funeral Home in Lowell, for more than thirty years.


Notification of Death - Mary Louise Chiles

October 8, 2007

Mrs. Chiles was the last of the second generation of the Chiles-Laman Funeral Homes.


Notification of Death - Howard W. Edwards

September 28, 2007

Howard was a dedicated associate for 40 years with The Edwards Funeral Home in East Cleveland.


Notification of Death - Kathy Kay Ryan

September 25, 2007

Kathy Kay (Rousculp) Ryan was the wife of Mike Ryan, Clark Grave Vault Sales Representative.


Notification of Death - Patricia Ellen "Trish" Dierkes

September 16, 2007

Trish was the wife of Funeral Director, Ty Dierkes of the Bolin-Dierkes Funeral Home, Zanesville.


Notification of Death - Dennis Earl "Skip" Wohlever

September 12, 2007

Dennis served his apprenticeship with the Emmerich Funeral Home and upon completion moved to Bellevue, purchasing the Young Funeral Home in 1962. In 1967 he purchased the Waters-Smith Funeral Home. He and his family spent the next 24 years operating the Wohlever Funeral Home. In 1984 he sold his funeral home in Bellevue and returned to Amherst, purchasing the Dombrowski Funeral Home, which became Dombowski-Wohlever-Volak Funeral Home until his retirement in 2000. He continued to be active in funeral service.


Notification of Death - Carl J. Arend

August 18, 2007

Mr. Arend was a licensed funeral director for over 50 years serving as Past President of Weir Arend Funeral Directors, Columbus, Ohio.


Notification of Death - Juletta A. Dutko

August 22, 2007

Mrs. Dutko was the Mother of Teresa Dutko, CCMS faculty.


Notification of Death - Thomas J. Jamieson

August 22, 2007

Thomas worked along side his parents in the Jamieson Funeral Home they founded in 1941 until their deaths in the early 1970's. He and his wife, Charlyne continued serving the community adding a third generation to the funeral home in 1980.


Notification of Death - Fred H. Moore

July 28, 2007

Fred served the Bainbridge Community for many years as owner and operator of the Smith-Moore Funeral Home.


Notification of Death - Jon C. Trainer

July 24, 2007

Jon was a son of James H. & Judith A. (Skillman) Trainer of Skillman, McDonald & Vernon Funeral Home Mechanicsburg, and Ohio.


Notification of Death - Emmett O'Shaughnessy, Jr.

July 6, 2007

Mr. O'Shaughnessy was a licensed funeral director and embalmer for 38 years, and fourth-generation owner of the O'Shaughnessy Funeral Home, Columbus.


Notification of Death - John F. Schoedinger

June 23, 2007

Mr. Schoedinger was Retired President of Schoedinger Funeral Service.


Notification of Death - Virginia W. Toothman

May 15, 2007

Virginia was a former owner and operator of Toothman Funeral Home in Jacobsburg.


Notification of Death - Bernadine M. Bringman

May 28, 2007

Mrs. Bringman was the widow of Joseph A. Bringman former owner/operator of the Bringman Clark Funeral Home, Upper Sandusky.

She was also the mother/mother-in-law of Pamela/William Clark, 4th generation and grandmother of Aaron Clark and Ann Leightey, 5th generation funeral directors at Bringman Clark Funeral Home.


Notification of Death - Fred Nicholls

May 31, 2007

Mr. Nicholls was a dedicated funeral directors and embalmer in the greater Cincinnati area for many years.


Notification of Death - Elden A. Good

May 19, 2007

Mr. Good founded the Elden A. Good Funeral Home, Inc. in 1942, Cincinnati.


Notification of Death - Clarence L. Shumaker

May 17, 2007

Mr. Shumaker was the Grandfather of Mark A. Merz and Edwin "Mick" Merz, both licensed funeral directors for Witzler-Shank Funeral Homes.


Notification of Death - Richard A. " Dick" Snyder

May 14, 2007

Mr. Snyder and his wife managed the Snyder Funeral Home in Butler from 1945 to 1953 when they moved to Fredericktown where they managed the funeral home and he served as the president of Snyder Funeral Homes, Inc from 1962 until his retirement in 1982.


Notification of Death - David M. Oliver

May 8, 2007

Mr. Oliver was a graduate of the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science and was licensed funeral director and embalmer. As the owner of Fawcett Oliver and Glass Funeral Home, he practiced in Chillicothe until his retirement in 1987.


Notification of Death - John P. "Phil" Keller

May 8, 2007

In 1956, Phil joined with his father George A. Keller, as partner in Keller & Son Funeral Home. He merged with Larry Koch in 1983, to form Keller-Ochs-Koch Funeral Home.


Notification of Death - Emma Genevieve "Ginny" Allen Dale

May 4, 2007

Mrs. Dale was a licensed Ohio Funeral Director and was the first African American Woman to serve as president of the Northwest Ohio Funeral Directors Association; founded, owned and operated with her late husband, Clarence J. "Jack" Dale, the Dale Funeral Home, Toledo.


Notification of Death - Hal Marcus "Marc" Burr

April 18, 2007

Mr. Burr was a 4th Generation Funeral Director and Embalmer with his families firm, the Burr Funeral Home and Cremation Service, from 1949 until he retired from active service in 1986, but continued as a consultant until 2001.


Notification of Death - Robert B. Anstrom

April 14, 2007

Bob's career in funeral services spanned over 60 years.


Notification of Death - Donald Paul Swigart

April 14, 2007

From 1957 until 1989, Don owned and operated the Swigart Funeral Home with his wife, Jean.


Notification of Death - Caroline Katherine Ickes

April 9, 2007

Mrs. Ickes and her late husband, LaMont, moved to Salem from Mayfield Heights, Ohio, in 1963 where they operated the Ickes Funeral Home until late 2005 when they retired.


Notification of Death - Mercedes G. Maley

April 10, 2007

Mrs. Maley was the wife of funeral director, Kim W. Maley, Urbana.


Notification of Death - Thomas J. Grainger

April 10, 2007

Mr. Grainger was the father-in-law of Carol and Larry Schildmeyer and the grandfather of Larry Schildmeyer Jr of Tufts Schildmeyer Funeral Homes, Loveland, Ohio.


Notification of Death - Eugene "Gene" Burdette Thompson

April 4, 2007

Mr. Thompson was the founder of Thompson Funeral Home, Montpelier and Pioneer.


Notification of Death - Canda Sue Fickes

April 1, 2007

Mrs. Fickes was the wife of member, Don Fickes, Fickes Funeral Home, Jeromesville.


Notification of Death - Mary Ann Whitacre

March 12, 2007

Mary was the sister of Jill Kooken, previous OFDA trust officer with Banc One, now JP Morgan Chase.


Notification of Death - Donald I. Snider

February 17, 2007

Don opened the first Jewish funeral chapel in Columbus in 1939.


Notification of Death - Wilmer J. "Bud" Blanchard, Jr.

February 11, 2007

Bud was owner of Blanchard Brothers Funeral Home, Toledo, where he began working in 1933 with his father.


Notification of Death - Grace Lafferty

January 29, 2007

Mrs. Lafferty was the widow of William Lafferty, fourth generation owner of Lafferty Funeral Home in West Union; mother of Richard and John T., fifth generation and grandmother of John R. and Jayson, sixth generation.


Notification of Death - George W. Heller

February 11, 2007

George was the retired co-owner of Marker & Heller Funeral Homes in Dayton and Huber Heights.


Notification of Death - Edward C. Cotton, Sr.

February 11, 2007

He formed the Maple-Cotton Funeral Home & Ambulance Service in Kensington, Ohio and in 2002 acquired the Allmon-Dugger-Cotton Funeral Home in Carrollton, Ohio.


Notification of Death - Donald P. Henn

January 31, 2007

Mr. Donald P. Henn was a funeral director with the Robinson-Henn-Brossia Funeral Home for 42 years.


Notification of Death - Donald P. Henn


Mr. Donald P. Henn was a funeral director at Robinson-Henn-Brossia Funeral Home for 42 years.


Perry George Allen, Jr.

December 27, 2006

Mr. Allen was the father of funeral director, Kennith Allen of Hughes-Allen Funeral Home, L.P. in Marion.


Notification of Death - LaMont L. Ickes

January 1, 2007

Mr. Ickes and his wife, Caroline, owned and operated The Ickes Funeral Home for 42 years in Salem, Ohio.


Notification of Death - Emil J. Golub

December 25, 2006

Mr. Golub started the Golub Funeral Home in 1945 where he lived and worked.


Frank Keith Chamberlain

December 13, 2006

In 1992 he and his wife Jean, along with David Huckeriede, started the Chamberlain-Huckeriede Funeral Home on North Cable Road, building it up to one of the largest funeral homes in northwest Ohio.


Notification of Death - Vera V. Coon

November 12, 2006

Vera was the mother of OFDA MRT member Randall Coon of Toledo.


Charles F. Johnson

November 10, 2006

Mr. Johnson founded the Johnson Funeral Home, Painesville.


Notification of Death - Robert P. "Bob" Smith

October 2006

Bob was the President of National Mortuary Shipping, Cleveland, Ohio.


Edmund J. Romito Sr.

October 23, 2006

Mr. Romito was the father of funeral director, Edmund J. Romito Jr. of the Johnson Romito Funeral Homes.


Notification of Death - Louis E. Schroder

October 17, 2006

Mr. Schroder was the father of OFDA Legal Counsel Scott Gilligan's wife Anne.


Notification of Death - Clyde E. Thompson

October 13, 2006

Clyde was president of the Ohio Funeral Directors Association in 1966-67.


Notification of Death - Anne Beatrice Corrigan

October 2006

Anne was the Co-founder and President of the original Corrigan Funeral Homes in Cleveland and Fairview Park, Ohio.


Notification of Death - Doyle Eugene Blackburn

September 19, 2006

Mr. Blackburn worked for the Fulton Funeral Home as a funeral director until purchasing the business in 1979 and building a new funeral home in 1995. He had retired in 2003 after serving Grafton and surrounding communities for 43 years.


Notification of Death for Adeline Krompholc

September 20, 2006

Mrs. Krompholc was the mother-in-law of funeral director, Tom Wappner of Wappner Funeral Directors, Mansfield.


Notification of Death - Karen Egger

September 8, 2006

Karen was the sister of Don Jones, funeral director, Rutherford-Corbin Funeral Home, Worthington.


Notification of Death - Jeanette E. (Weisberg) Snider

August 30, 2006

After marrying Donald in 1940, Mrs. Snider worked as his partner and owner of the first Jewish Funeral Home in Columbus for nearly 40 years.


David R. "Bob" James

August 20, 2006

Mr. James was affiliated with the James Funeral Home, Newton Falls as a funeral director /embalmer where he was dedicated to the friends and families in the community. Bob officially retired in 1984, but continued participating with the family business until spring of this year.


Williard D. Floyd, Sr.

August 22, 2006

Mr. Floyd was the father of Joseph R., owner of Oliver-Floyd Funeral Home in Greenville, Ohio.


Jerome S. "Jerry" Hromada

August 18, 2006

Jerry was the father of Jerome M. Hromada, funeral director, with Gluvna Shimo Hromada Funeral Chapel in Lorain.


Donald D. Barth

August 17, 2006

Mr. Barth was the husband of Patricia Mullaney-Barth, funeral director, of Broadview Heights, Ohio.


Doris H. Linsley

August 15, 2006

Mrs. Linsley was a licensed funeral director, along with her husband, Edward J. "Ted", who operated the Oliver-Linsley Funeral Home, East Palestine.


Raymond E. Long

August 13, 2006

Mr. Long was a funeral director / embalmer for the Burr Funeral Home in Chardon, Ohio.


Martha M. Van Horn

August 4, 2006

Mrs. Van Horn was the wife of OFDA Past President, Myron L. Van Horn (Died October 4, 2000), together with her husband, they owned & operated Van Horn Funeral Homes in Lakeview & Jackson Center for many years.


Notification of Death - James R. Minges

August 4, 2006

Mr. Minges was a licensed funeral director in the state of Ohio for 57 years. He began his career in 1949 at Neidhard-Minges Funeral Home in Cincinnati and established Minges Funeral Home in Harrison, OH in 1989.


Notification of Death - David Lee Roberts

August 2, 2006

David was a second generation licensed funeral director and embalmer and was co-owner since 1973, along with his brother, of the Roberts Funeral Home in Logan.


Notification of Death - Justine Girod

July 27, 2006

Mrs. Girod's father, Joseph Zele Sr., founded Zele Funeral Homes, Inc. in 1907. She was Secretary of the funeral home from 1932-1953 and Secretary-Treasurer from 1953-1985.


Notification of Death - J. Harriet Walter

July 28, 2006

In 1966, Harriet passed the state board to become a licensed funeral director, one of the few women licensed in Ohio at that time.


Notification of Death - William J. "Bill" Gelvin II

July 15, 2006

Mr. Gelvin was an Account Executive in Ohio for Batesville Casket Company for 12 years, Executive Vice President of Kubach-Smith Funeral Home in Norwalk for six years, where he became a licensed funeral director in 1991.


Richard E. Miller

July 14, 2006

Mr. Miller worked with his father until 1952 before becoming owner of the Miller Funeral Home, Jefferson, Ohio (now Fleming & Billman Funeral Directors, Inc.) and operated the business until his retirement in 1984.


Notification of Death - Bradley J. McClelland

July 12, 2006

Brad was a funeral director / embalmer for Thorn-Black Funeral Home, Cambridge and Past OFDA District #12 President.


Notification of Death - Wesley A. Root

July 4, 2006

Wes was the son of funeral director Jay Root who owns Arpp & Root Funeral Home in Germantown, Ohio.


Notification of Death - Golda E. Jones McGaughy

June 28, 2006

Mrs. McGaughy along with her husband, operated the McGaughy Funeral Home in Byesville, for many years.


Notification of Death - Janet Neville-Grasberger

June 18, 2006

Janet was the daughter of OFDA Past President Ray Neville.


Notification of Death - Harold William Heslop

June 4, 2006

Harold was a retired partner in two family-owned businesses, R. G. Heslop and Sons Funeral Home, where he was fondly known as "Digger" and Heslop Furniture, both in Martins Ferry, OH.


Notification of Death - Norman C. Bliss

May 31, 2006

Mr. Bliss formally owned and operated Bliss-Peoples Funeral Home, Leipsic, Ohio.


Notification of Death - Clara Miriam Spence

June 6, 2006

Mrs. Spence was the mother of OFDA Past President Dwayne R. Spence of Canal Winchester.


Wilbur J. Keller, Sr.

June 1, 2006

With his brother, Vincent H., Wilbur owned and operated the Keller Funeral Home, Martins Ferry, Ohio.


William H. Clifford

May 29, 2006

Mr. Clifford was owner of Clifford Funeral Home (now Clifford-Shoemaker Funeral Home) since 1958 and had served area families as a funeral director for over 50 years.


Notification of Death - Jodi Lynn Moreland

May 14, 2006

Jodi was the daughter of OFDA member Bob Moreland of Moreland Funeral Home, Westerville.


Notification of Death - Lawrence E. Oliver

May 13, 2006

Lawrence E. Oliver, father of Boyd Oliver, owner of Oliver Funeral Home, Ashville, Ohio died Saturday, May 13, 2006.


Notification of Death - Robert Eldon "Bob" Gay

May 13, 2006

Mr. Gay was employed with Witt-Good and Kelsch Funeral Home, Cincinnati, for 39 years as a Funeral Director and Embalmer.


Notification of Death - Thomas H. Theller

May 9, 2006

Mr. Theller owned and operated Theller Funeral Home in Lancaster from 1972 until 1986. At that time, he merged his business with the Sheridan Funeral Home where he remained active until his retirement in 2004.


Notification of Death - Clarence Carter

April 30, 2006

Mr. Clarence Carter opened the first black-owned funeral home in Elyria and was a funeral director in Lorain County for 40 years.


Notification of Death - Janet White Witbeck

Mrs. Witbeck was an Ohio licensed funeral director for 54-years, currently serving as President of C. D. White and Son Funeral Home, Columbus.


Notification of Death - Joseph Louis Fortuna

Mr. Fortuna was a Korean Army Veteran.


Notification of Death - Eloise P. Summers

April 10, 2006

Mrs. Summers was the mother of Terry Summers of Summers Funeral Home, Washington Court House.


Notification of Death - Janet Boyer Benfer

March 28, 2006

Janet was the former owner of the Boyer-VanWormer-Scott Funeral Homes Inc., Toledo.


Notification of Death - Hazel Meister Jardine

March 15, 2006

Mrs. Jardine was the stepmother to George Jardine and grandmother to Jason Jardine both of the Jardine Funeral Home, Strongsville.


Notification of Death - Gerald W. Gilmore

March 20, 2006

Jerry was the manager of the F. C. Daehler Mortuary Company, Portsmouth.


Notification of Death - Matthew Allen Allberry

March 14, 2006

Matthew was the brother of Rebekah Manofsky of the Schoedinger Worthington Chapel and member of the OFDA Young Funeral Professionals Committee.


Notification of Death - W. Joseph Westbrock

March 8, 2006

Joe was President of the Westbrock Funeral Home while he served the Dayton community in the funeral industry for over 45 years.


Notification of Death - John J. Conroy

March 15, 2006

John had served the funeral profession since December, 1945 and was a partner in the former Degenhart-Conroy Funeral Home prior to founding, with his wife Jean, the Conroy Funeral Home.


Notification of Death - William "Big Bill" R. Stump

March 8, 2006

William R. Stump was affiliated with the Barlow Bonsall Funeral Home for a number of years and retired from Clarksburg Casket Company in 1998. He was a licensed funeral director and embalmer in state of West Virginia.


Notification of Death - Gladys L. Rybicki

February 11,2006

Mrs. Rybicki was the mother of Tom Rybicki, funeral director and owner, of the Rybicki & Son, A Golden Rule Funeral Home, Garfield Heights.


Notification of Death - Sylvia Raether

February 3, 2006

Sylvia Raether was the wife of the late Howard Raether.


Notification of Death - Rick D. Norris

February 3, 2006

Mr. Norris was an associate with Schoedinger Funeral Service.


Notification of Death - William E. Snow

January 27, 2006

Bill was a licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer for over 40 years working for Neidecker, LeVeck & Crosser Funeral Home in Port Clinton and Marblehead, OH.


Notification of Death - John R. Braboy, Sr.

January 31, 2006

John R. Braboy, Sr. was the father of John R. Braboy, Jr., President of Mid-America College, Jeffersonville, Indiana.


Notification of Death - John H. Heiby

January 29, 2006

John graduated from Marietta High School in 1945; was a World War II Navy Seabee Veteran from 1945-1947. He was an Ohio licensed funeral director and embalmer for over fifty years; owning and operating the Heiby Memorial Home in Chillicothe from 1957-1971.


Notification of Death - Gertrude "Gerty" Sinchak

January 15, 2006

Gertrude "Gerty" Sinchak, was a funeral director for 53 years and the owner of Sinchak & Sons Funeral Home, Warren.


Notification of Death - Edythe C. Nurre

Edythe C. Nurre was the mother of OFDA Past President, Ed Nurre, E.C. Nurre Funeral Homes, Inc., Amelia.


Notification of Death - Gary L. Chessman

December 21, 2005

Gary was associated along with his family with Swart Funeral Home for many years.


Notification of Death - William Glynn Norton

December 28, 2005

William Glynn Norton was the owner of Norton Funeral Home in Wellington.


Notification of Death - Ann N. Ripepi

December 26, 2005

Mrs. Ripepi was the mother of Stephen, Anthony Jr., and Daniel, all of the A. Ripepi and Sons Funeral Home, Middleburg Heights.


Notification of Death - Marvin M. Shipman

December 13, 2005

Mr. Shipman owned the Shipman Advertising Company and was a long time exhibitor at the annual convention and an avid supporter of OFDA.


Notification of Death - Ralph H. Greenisen

November 20, 2005

Ralph purchased the Krill Funeral in Bryan, Ohio on April 1, 1949, changed it to Greenisen Funeral Home, then went into a partnership with Thomas A. Tilton as Greenisen & Tilton Funeral Home. In 2004 it became the Burr Funeral Home & Crematory.


Notification of Death - Robert Christmas

November 15, 2005

Mr. Christmas was a member of the OFDA and NFDA and was the former owner of the Trostel, Chapman, and Christmas Funeral Home of New Carlisle.


Notification of Death - Robert Dusthimer

November 11, 2005

Mr. Dusthimer owned and operated the Dusthimer Funeral Home in Danville, Ohio from 1953 to 1985 and had received his 50-year embalmer's plaque from the Ohio Funeral Director's Association.


Notification of Death - Beverly M. Dicken

November 3, 2005

Mrs. Dicken is the mother of David Dicken of the Dicken Funeral Home, Elyria.


Notification of Death - J. Rodney McPeek

October 29, 2005

Mr. McPeek and his wife, Deborah, owned the McPeek Funeral Home in Granville, which they purchased in 1973 from Lloyd R. Crouse.


Notification of Death - Mary Louise Shirer

October 11, 2005

Mrs. Shirer was the co-owner and operator along with her husband, Gerald Shirer of the former Shirer Funeral Home which was located in Adamsville for many years.


Notification of Death - Lowell E. Chandler

October 5, 2005

Mr. Chandler held a professional support staff position with the Everhart-Bove Funeral Home, Richmond from 1993 until present.


Notification of Death - June Lee Brooks Roberts

August 29, 2005

June, a licensed funeral director, and her late husband, William "Red" Roberts, owned and operated the Roberts Funeral Home until their retirement in 1991.


Notification of Death - Mildred B. Lamb

September 14, 2005

Mildred was the mother-in-law of John Croxton of T. P. White & Sons Funeral Home in Cincinnati.


Notification of Death - Donna "June" Gompf

September 13, 2005

June was the mother of Gene Gompf of Gompf Funeral Service, Cardington.


Notification of Death - Dorothy R. Burmeister Obrock

September 12, 2005

Dorothy and her late Husband Fred, founded Burmeister Funeral Home in Avon Lake. Another location was added in Avon. In 1986, Burmeister Funeral Homes joined Busch Funeral and Crematory Services. William C. Burmeister (Son), Gretchen C. Burmeister (Daughter), William M. Burmeister (Grandson) and wife Meghan, are all licensed funeral directors. Becky Busch (nee Burmeister) (granddaughter) is married to James H. Busch, President of Busch Funeral and Crematory Services. The Burmeister Family is proud of their lifetime involvement in SIFH (NSM) and membership in NFDA, OFDA, and the Lorain County Funeral Directors Association.


Notification of Death - John J. "Jack" Wasko

September 7, 2005

Jack served four years in the Navy from 1956 to 1960, and was a Korean War veteran. While in the Navy, he crossed the Arctic Circle and became a full-fledged Royal Order of Blue Nose, along with crossing the equator and becoming a True and Loyal Son of Neptunus Rex. This is a rarity that sailors are able to complete both of these mysteries.


Notification of Death - Donna A. Strong

September 9, 2005

Donna was the mother of Mark Strong, funeral director with the Wappner Funeral Directors, Mansfield.


Notification of Death - James Edward Wise

September 6, 2005

In 1937 he completed his education at the Cleveland College of Embalming. On October 9, 1938 he married Virginia Warner and continued his career in the family furniture/funeral business in which he devoted 67 years of his life.


Notification of Death - Warren T. Koenig

Warren was the former owner of Corrigan Funeral Homes in Cleveland, Ohio.


Notification of Death - Edla M. Thompson

August 30, 2005

Edla along with her husband, Eugene B. Thompson, had owned and operated the Thompson Funeral Home in Montpelier and Pioneer from 1937 until their retirement in 1979.


Notification of Death - Ollie L. Schafer

August 27, 2005

Ollie L. Schafer, 98, died Saturday, Aug. 27, 2005 in Heartland of Marietta. Ollie was the grandmother of OFDA Member Services Coordinator, Carolyn Martin.


Notification of Death - Jeanne Hais

August 19, 2005

OFDA received word this morning about the sudden death of Jeanne Hais, only sibling to OFDA Past President Paul Frederick.


Notification of Death - Anthony Mazzarella

Tony was a long time exhibitor and sponsor with the Ohio Funeral Directors Association.


Notification of Death - William J. Shank

August 4, 2005

Mr. Shank had worked for many years with his brother, Bob Shank, Sr., as a funeral director's assistant at Witzler-Shank Funeral Home in Perrysburg and Walbridge.


Notification of Death - Clarence "Bud" C. Rodenberger

July 23, 2005

Mr. Rodenberger was the founding funeral director of the Rodenberger Funeral Homes, Inc., McClure in 1959, Deshler in 1968, and Napoleon in 1999.


Notification of Death - Michael Edwin Connley

July 12, 2005

Mr. Connley was a valued employee of the Colligan Funeral Home, Hamilton, Ohio for nearly 24 years.


Notification of Death - Randall Joseph Williams

June 26, 2005

Mr. Williams was Vice President and Director of Operations at Chiles & Sons-Laman Funeral Home in Lima.


Notification of Death - Jodi Jaye Baker

June 21,2005

Jodi was the wife of Scott Baker, Embalmer and Funeral Director with Kirkpatrick Funeral Home in Washington Court House, Ohio.


Notification of Death - Robert Thomas Southwick

June 17, 2005

Mr. Southwick was an Ohio licensed Funeral Director and Embalmer for more than 50 years, and President Emeritus of Southwick-Good & Fortkamp Funeral Chapel, Columbus, Ohio.


Notification of Death - Edith C. Fraley

June 14, 2005

Mrs. Fraley was the mother of OFDA member, Geary Fraley of Stocker-Fraley Funeral Home, Bradford.


Notification of Death - Linda L. Blagovich

June 5, 2005

Mrs. Blagovich was the mother of Charles S. Blagovich, Manager of the Galion, Ohio branch of the Mark A. Schneider Funeral Home.


Notification of Death - Walter Edward Krause, Jr.

May 30, 2005

Mr. Krause, a licensed funeral director and embalmer, served as interim inspector for the State of Ohio Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors.


Notification of Death - Rosemary Dooner

May 22, 2005

Mrs. Dooner was the mother of OFDA member Jack Dooner; Cuyahoga Funeral Director Association Board member and employee of both Dostal and Faulhaber Funeral Homes.


Notification of Death - Deborah Jane Seidel

May 16, 2005

Ms. Seidel's mother, Coletta and aunt, Patricia originally operated their parent's funeral home Vales-Seidel-Kleve in Cleveland.


Notification of Death - Marilyn Rose Bartley

May 14, 2005

Mrs. Bartley was the owner and operator, with her husband Leroy, of the Bartley Funeral Home in Minerva.


Notification of Death - Margaret M. O'Connell

May 10, 2005

Mrs. O'Connell was the mother of OFDA member and Funeral Director Martin F. O'Connell of Bersticker-Scott Funeral Home in Toledo.


Notification of Death - Lloyd F. Billman

May 7, 2004

Mr. Billman was the father of OFDA member and funeral director Robert Billman. Mr. Billman was a veteran and a POW of World War II, serving in the U. S. Army and did receive the Purple Heart.


Notification of Death - Mary C. "Cammie" Sheridan

May 10, 2005

Mrs. Sheridan was a licensed Funeral Director for Boring-Sheridan Funeral Homes with her husband and son. She was also a Past Secretary for District 13 of the Ohio Funeral Directors Association.


Notification of Death Mary L. Lockhorn Parker

April 24, 2005

Mrs. Parker was the mother of Rick Parker who works for Busch Family Funeral Chapels.


Notification of Death - Rosalie Jane Cline

March 18, 2005

Mrs. Cline was an associate of Watters Funeral Home, Woodsfield, Ohio and Brubach-Watters Funeral Home, Summerfield, Ohio.


Notification of Death - Geraldine R. Monreal

March 18, 2005

Mrs. Monreal was the mother of funeral director William A. Monreal, Jr. of the Monreal Funeral Home, Eastlake.


Notification of Death - Charles Richard Guttadore

March 13, 2005

Mr. Guttadore was the father of Greg Guttadore of ASI, 3rd party Administrator for the OFDA Master Trust.


Notification of Death - Louis H. Stange

March 9, 2005

Mr. Stange was a funeral director in the Dayton area for over 50 years and also worked at the Montgomery County Coroners Office for over 20 years.


Notification of Death - Daniel Mihovk

March 7, 2005

Mr. Mihovk was the father of Robert "Bob" D. (Karen Rosenacker) Mihovk.


Notification of Death - Ruth Trago

February 23, 2005

Ruth was the Executive Secretary for Rutherford Funeral Home, Columbus for many years.


Notification of Death - H. Virginia "Ginny" Wise

February 2, 2005

"Ginny" Wise was the wife of Jim Wise, retired funeral director and owner of Wise Funeral Service; Bucyrus, Ohio.


Notification of Death - Edmond Storch

February 3, 2005

The Ohio Funeral Directors Association received notification this morning regarding the death of 1962 Past President Edmond Storch.


Notification of Death Edward D. Novak

January 28,2005

Mr. Novak was the father of Bob Novak and the grandfather of Tim and Dan Novak, all of the Novak Funeral Home in Columbus.