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A Snapshot into Your Consumer: Attitudes and Behaviors that Define Your Future Business Model

This presentation utilizes factual data to underscore the evolving demands of today's consumers within the funeral service and cemetery profession.

Over four years, The Foresight Companies have surveyed both consumers and industry professionals to identify trends and perceptions. Their findings reveal a profession often resistant to change, lacking a strategic approach to meet evolving consumer preferences. This presentation aims to succinctly highlight key insights, including the misalignment between industry practices and consumer expectations, while proposing innovative solutions for addressing these challenges.

Session Highlights:

  1. Discover the key trends shaping consumer attitudes in funeral service and learn how to leverage them for business success.
  2. Uncover the disparity between perceived and actual consumer preferences within the funeral profession, pinpointing areas for improvement and avoiding common misconceptions.
  3. Address the confidence crisis in our profession by emphasizing the importance of ongoing education and training, backed by empirical data, to navigate future challenges effectively.
  • 1 CE, General

Chris Cruger
Chief Executive Officer
The Foresight Companies

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