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OFDA 2016 General Election Summary

Courtesy of John McGough

Ohio Funeral Directors Association 2016 General Election Summary

Prepared by John T. McGough

November 9, 2016


Based on current unofficial election results, Republicans had a very successful Election Day nationally and in Ohio.  Highlights include: delivering Ohio’s 18 electoral votes for Republican nominee Donald Trump; successfully defending their majority in the U.S. Senate; maintaining their 12-4 majority in Ohio’s Congressional delegation; winning three seats on the Ohio Supreme Court; and keeping strong majorities in both the Ohio House and Ohio Senate.  A summary of key Ohio races is below:


While polls indicated that the race at the top of the ticket would be close, Mr. Trump ultimately prevailed in Ohio by an 8 point margin, 52%-44%. Rural areas of the state, mainly counties along the Ohio River, were strong for Mr. Trump and mitigated the impact of major metropolitan areas which typically are Democrat strongholds. Nationally, unofficial results have Trump with 279 electoral votes and Clinton with 228 electoral votes. (270 electoral votes are need to win the Presidency, meaning 31 electoral votes are still not determined).

U.S. House of Representatives

There was no change to the makeup of Ohio’s delegation in the U.S. House of Representatives.  All incumbents were re-elected and Republicans still hold a 12-4 seat majority in Ohio’s Congressional delegation. The sole new member of the delegation is Republican Warren Davidson, who was elected to the U.S. House in a special election on June 7, 2016 to replace retired former House Speaker John Boehner. Davidson then had to run again yesterday and won easily.  Davidson is a graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and was an Army Ranger. Davidson received his MBA from Notre Dame.

U.S. Senate

What was once viewed as a potential pick-up seat by national Democrats did not materialize on Election Day.  Incumbent Republican Senator Rob Portman easily defeated former Congressman and Ohio Governor Ted Strickland by a 21 point margin, 58% - 37%.

Ohio Supreme Court


As of this writing, Republicans appear to have maintained their 6-1 majority on the Ohio Supreme Court. Current Republican Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor was unopposed. In the two open seats on the Ohio Supreme Court, Republican 1st District Court of Appeals Judge Pat DeWine defeated Democrat challenger Judge Cynthia Rice, who serves on the 11th District Court of Appeals, 56% – 44%.  Republican 1st District Court of Appeals Judge, Pat Fischer leads Democrat Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas Judge, John O’Donnell by a 50.3% - 49.7% margin. This race will ultimately be decided once provisional ballots are counted.


Ohio House of Representatives


Heading into Election Night, Republicans maintained a lopsided 65-34 advantage in the Ohio House of Representatives. Republicans were able to maintain all of their seats and picked up a traditional Democrat seat in the 94th House District in the Athens area in Southeast Ohio to boost their numbers to a 66-33 majority for the 132nd General Assembly. Republican Jay Edwards rode the strong Trump turnout to victory over Democrat Sarah Grace by a 16 point margin, 58%-42%.

Other races of interest include:


  • 3rd House District (Wood County) – Appointed Republican Theresa Gavarone easily beat Democrat Kelly Wicks by a 20 point margin, 60%-40%.
  • 16th House District (Cuyahoga County) – Considered a potential pick-up opportunity for Democrats, Republican Dave Greenspan beat Democrat Tommy Greene by a 12 point margin, 56%-44%.
  • 23rd House District (Southern & Western Franklin County) – Republican Laura Lanese, a late addition to the ticket when her husband withdrew from the race, bested Democrat challenger Lee Schreiner by a 16 point margin, 58%-42%.
  • 28th House District (Hamilton County) – Democrats had high hopes for a pick-up, but incumbent Republican Jonathon Dever beat Democrat challenger Jessica Miranda by a 16 point margin, 58%-42%.
  • 72nd House District (Fairfield County) – Former Republican Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder returns to the Legislature with his defeat of Democrat John Carlisle by a 44 point margin, 72%-28%.
  • 84th House District (Western Ohio) – Current term-limited Ohio Senate President Keith Faber easily won election to the Ohio House by a 68 point margin, 84%-16%, over Democrat Ed Huff.
  • 89th House District (Erie County) – In a race that many thought was the best opportunity for Democrats to pick up a seat, incumbent Republican Steve Arndt beat Democrat Lawrence Hartlaub by a 20 point margin, 60%-40%.
  • 98th House District (Tuscarawas/Holmes Counties) – A district that is traditionally close up to election day, bucked the trend with an overwhelming victory for incumbent Republican Al Landis over Democrat Jeremiah Johnson by a 40 point margin, 70%-30.

Ohio Senate


Already heading into the election with a commanding 23-10 majority, Republicans were able to pick off a long sought-after seat in Eastern and Southeastern Ohio when Republican Frank Hoagland bested Incumbent Democrat Lou Gentile to increase its Republican majority to 24-9.  Hoagland won by a 53% - 47% margin. Hoagland is a small business owner and a retired Navy Seal. Other races of note include:


  • 16th Senate District (Western Franklin County) – With current Senator Jim Hughes running for a House seat due to term limits, Democrats thought they may have a pick-up opportunity in this district. However, current Republican House member Stephanie Kunze bested Democrat Cathy Johnson by a 20 point margin, 60% - 40%.
  • 22nd Senate District (Richland, Ashland & Medina Counties) – Current Senate President Pro Tempore Larry Obhof coasted to re-election and is expected to be the next Senate President, replacing term-limited Senator Keith Faber.
  • 24th Senate District (Cuyahoga County) – Former Ohio State Republican Representative Matt Dolan bested Democrat challenger Emily Hagan by an 18 point margin, 59% - 41% in the race to replace term-limited Republican Senator Tom Patton. (Patton successfully won an Ohio House seat)
  • 32nd Senate District (Trumbull, Ashtabula & part of Geauga Counties) – Current Democrat Representative Sean O’Brien won the right to replace term-limited Democrat Senator Capri Cafaro by defeating Republican challenger Rob Allen by a 12 point margin, 56% - 44%.